SESAR Long-term and Innovative Research, Work Package E, supports research activities that are not currently part of the ‘mainstream’ SESAR development work packages. This research is targeted beyond the current SESAR timeframe, nominally 2020, as well as innovation that may have application in the nearer term. WP-E operates through Research Networks, Research Projects and a PhD Programme. Two SESAR Research Networks have been established to date: ComplexWorld – Mastering Complex Systems Safely, and HALA! – Higher Automation Levels in ATM. In addition 40 Research Projects and 20 PhD Projects are underway.

The SESAR Innovation Days are the main forum for dissemination of WP-E results and for interaction with the wider ATM research community and industry representatives. The SESAR Innovation Days 2013 will be hosted by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden from 26th to 28th November 2013. Unlike any other scientific event in ATM research, the SESAR Innovation Days focus explicitly on long-term and innovative research.

The SESAR Innovation Days will include sessions of the WP-E Research Networks and keynote presentations. An accompanying exhibition will further add to the attractiveness of the event. As well as presenting results of WP-E Networks, Projects and PhDs the event also seeks contributions from the ATM research community through an open call.

Researchers from research institutions, universities, airlines, air traffic service providers and industry are invited to submit papers (limited to 8 pages) presenting the results of their long-term or innovative research within the areas of interest listed below. Papers will be evaluated based on the innovative nature of the ideas, as well as the approach and methods applied. Areas of interest are:

  • Paving the way to full automation;
  • Human factors and safety in a highly automated environment;
  • Designing resilient ATM systems;
  • Applied modelling and optimization techniques;
  • Uncertainty and information management;
  • Understanding and improving the ATM innovation process and innovation lifecycle;
  • ATM system architecture and system design;
  • Mastering complex ATM systems safely;
  • Application of economics to facilitate a paradigm shift in ATM;
  • Enabling change, including legal and regulatory aspects.

The submission deadline is 23rd September and notification of acceptance will be made by 23rd October. Download the Call for Contributions here

For all enquiries please contact sesarinnovationdays@sesarju.eu


The papers and presentations of the Second SESAR Innovation Days can be downloaded from the website. Please use the following publication reference: Schaefer, Dirk (Editor) Proceedings of the 2nd SESAR Innovation Days (2012) EUROCONTROL. ISBN 978-2-87497-068-9.

The papers and presentations of the Third SESAR Innovation Days can be downloaded from the website. Please use the following publication reference: Schaefer, Dirk (Editor) Proceedings of the 3rd SESAR Innovation Days (2013) EUROCONTROL. ISBN ISBN 978-2-87497-074-0.

The 2014 edition of the SESAR Innovation Days will be hosted by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid between 25th and 27th November 2014.

A draft programme of the SESAR information days has been uploaded. Logistical information is now also available on the webiste, including a list of hotels within walking distance of the conference venue.

The SJU opens call for the SESAR Young Scientist Award 2013. For details see the following link

The submission of papers to the SIDs is now closed; Notifications of Acceptance will be sent on 23rd October

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