How to submit a paper

To submit a paper to the SESAR Innovation Days you have to use the appropriate template. There are two templates: WinWord and LaTeX. WinWord users please use this template. LaTeX users can download the templates here.

Please upload a .pdf version of your paper (as paper) as well as the .doc or latex version (as attachment) on the following EasyChair site
We have had reports about problems with Internet Explorers and we are currently investigating the reasons; Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome seem to work well.
If you have not used EasyChair before you may need to create an account. Then please click on the Tab ‘New Submission’ and provide the necessary information. You can update your submission at any point in time (before the submission deadline, of course) so do not hesitate to upload your contribution early and update it at a later stage.
The submission deadline for papers is 22nd September 2014.