Papers and Presentations

SIDs 2014 papers and presentations can be downloaded from the website. Please use the following publication reference: Schaefer, Dirk (Editor) Proceedings of the SESAR Innovation Days (2014) EUROCONTROL. ISBN 978-2-87497-077-1

Title Author Slides
Plenary Session Day 1: The SESAR story so far Florian Guillermet
Plenary Session Day 3: SESAR: Perspectives on automation Olivia Nunez
Plenary Session Day 3: SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research Programme Peter Hotham
Enabling the Aviation CO2 Allowance Trading Through Secure Market Mechanisms Massimiliano Zanin
Trees of Reactionary Delay: Addressing the Dynamical Robustness of the US Air Transportation Network Pablo Fleurquin
Modelling Reactionary Delays in the European Air Transport Network Bruno Campanelli
An Air Traffic Control Model Based Local Optimization over the Airways Network Bernardo Monechi
Sensitivity of Flight Durations to Uncertainties in Numerical Weather Prediction Jacob Cheung
Dynamic Route Optimization Based on Adverse Weather Data Christina Schilke
Uncertainty Analysis of Thunderstorm Nowcasts for Utilization in Aircraft Routing Manuela Sauer
Case Study of Adverse Weather Avoidance Modelling Patrick Hupe
Quantifying Air Traffic Controller Mental Workload Nicolás Suárez
ACCHANGE: Building Economic Models for Understanding ATC Performance Eef Delhaye
Airport Capacity Forecast: Short-term Forecasting of Runway Capacity Henk Hesselink
Real-time Simulations to Evaluate the RPAS Integration in Shared Airspace Enric Pastor
RPAS Integration in Non-segregated Airspace: the SESAR Approach Ricardo Román
Satellite Communications Data Link Solution for Long Term Air Traffic Management David Fernández
ATM Safety Management: Reactive and Proactive Indicators Riccardo Patriarca
A First Empirical Evaluation Framework for Security Risk Assessment Methods in the ATM domain Federica Paci
Accelerated Risk Analysis in ATM: An Experimental Validation Using Time Pressure as a Stressor Lothar Meyer
Usability Evaluation of Multi-Touch-Displays for TMA Controller Working Positions Maria Uebbing-Rumke
Analysis of Neurophysiological Signals for the Training and Mental Workload Assessment of ATCos Gianluca Borghini
Simulating Air Traffic Control Ground Operations: Preliminary Results from Project Modern Taxiing Zarrin Chua
What Cost Resilience? Andrew Cook
Better pricing strategies for ATM? Tatjana Bolic
Agent-Based Pilot Model for Alternative Primary Airport Slot Allocation with Price-setting Auctions Mario Ramirez
Managing European Air Traffic Control Provision Nicole Adler
Robust Runway Scheduling Using a Time-indexed Model Andreas Heidt
Pre-Tactical Time Window Assignment: Runway Utilization and the Impact of Uncertainties Manu Kapolke
Modelling Interactions in Complex Systems – An Air Navigation Service Provider Focussed Approach Michael Kreuz
Traffic Predictions Supporting General Aviation Carlo Lancia
The SCALES Framework for Identifying and Extracting Resilience Related Indicators Ivonne A. Herrera
Resilience Management Problem in ATM Systems as a Shortest Path Problem Francesco Gargiulo