SIDs 2012 Papers and Presentations


SID papers and presentations can be downloaded from the website. Please use the following publication reference: Schaefer, Dirk (ed) Proceedings of the SESAR Innovation Days (2012) EUROCONTROL. ISBN 978-2-87497-068-9

Title Author Presentations
Remote Towers: Videopanorama Frame Rate Requirements Derived from Visual Discrimination of Deceleration during Simulated Aircraft Landing Norbert Fürstenau, Monika Mittendorf and Stephen R. Ellis
Optimisation and Prioritisation of Flows of Air Traffic through an ATM Network Hugo de Jonge and Ron Seljée
Agent-Based Modelling of Hazards in ATM Tibor Bosse, Alexei Sharpanskykh, Jan Treur, Henk A.P. Blom, and Sybert H. Stroeve
Taxi routing for aircraft: Creation and Controlling Ingrid Gerdes, Annette Temme
Conflict Resolution with Time Constraints in Trajectory-Based Arrival Management Alfonso Valenzuela, Damián Rivas, Rafael Vázquez, Isabel del Pozo, and Miguel Vilaplana
Passenger-Oriented Enhanced Metrics A. Cook, G. Tanner, S. Cristóbal and M. Zanin
SERSCIS: Semantic Modelling of Dynamic, Multi-Stakeholder Systems Mike Surridge, Ajay Chakravarthy, Martin Hall-May, Xiaoyu Chen, Bassem Nasser and Roman Nossal
Examples of Supervisory Interaction with Route Optimizers Oliver Turnbull, Arthur Richards
Air Traffic Flow Management Under Uncertainty: Interactions Between Network Manager and Airline Operations Centre Gillian Clare, Arthur Richards, Javier Escartín, David Martínez, Jesús Cegarra and Luis J. Alvarez
Searching Air Sectors for Risk Kester Clegg and Rob Alexander
A framework for modeling the consequences of the propagation of automation degradation: application to air traffic control systems E. Rigaud, E. Hollnage, C. Martinie, P. Palanque, A. Pasquini, M. Ragosta, S. Silvagni and M. Sujan
The Effect of Increasing Levels of Automation in Demand-Capacity Balancing processes on Human Actors and their Roles and Responsibilities M.F.J. Koolloos, D. Escribano, R.A. Casar, A. Groskreutz and R. Garcia
An Investigation into the Use of Novel Conflict Detection and Resolution Automation in Air Traffic Management Clark Borst, Carl Westin and Brian Hilburn
Statistical Regularities in ATM: network properties, trajectory deviations and delays S. Vitali, M. Cipolla, S. Micciche, R. N. Mantegna, G. Gurtner, F. Lillo, V. Beato and S. Pozzi
Causal Decision Support Tools for Strategic Trajectory De-confliction to Enable Seamless Aircraft Conflict Management (STREAM) Jenaro Nosedal, Sergio Ruiz, Miquel A. Piera, Andrea Ranieri, Rubén Martínez and Àlex Corbacho
On the design of UAS horizontal separation maneuvers E. Pastor, M. Perez-Batlle, P. Royo, R. Cuadrado, C. Barrado and X. Prats
Introduction of a More Automated Environment in En-Route Air Traffic Control Caroline Martin and Jean-Paul Imbert
Applying the Resilience Engineering and Management Perspective to Problems of Human Alarm Interaction in ATM Simone Rozzi
Uncertainty Handling and Trajectory Synchronization for the Automated Arrival Management M. Schultz, H. Fricke, T.Kunze, J. Mund, J. López Leonés, C. Grabow, J. De Prins, M. Wimmer and P. Kappertz
Joint Human-Automation Cognition through a Shared Representation of 4D Trajectory Management Rolf Klomp, M.M. (René) van Paassen, Clark Borst, Max Mulder, Tanja Bos, Pim van Leeuwen and Martijn Mooij
Increasing Air Traffic: What is the Problem? Areski Hadjaz and Gaétan Marceau
Online Learning for Ground Trajectory Prediction Areski Hadjaz and Gaétan Marceau
Socially optimal allocation of ATM resources via truthful market-based mechanisms Tobias Andersson Granberg and Valentin Polishchuk
Strategic planning in ATM with a stochastic anytime approach J. A. Cobano, D. Alejo and G.Heredia
Flight Trial Evaluation of Automated Paired Approaches onto Closely Spaced Parallel Runways Bernd Korn, Christiane Edinger, Gunnar Schwoch, Hayung Becker, Helge Lenz and Robert Geister
Usefulness of FMECA for improvement of productivity of TWR process Jan Alexander Langlo, Aslak Wegner Eide, Amela Karahasanovic, Lisbeth Hansson, Hans Erik Swengaard, Bjørn Andersen, Theodor Zeh, Stephan Kind, Carl-Herbert Rokitansky and Thomas Gräupl
Liabilities and automation in aviation Giuseppe Contissa, Giovanni Sartor, Paola Lanzi, Patrizia Marti and Paola Tomasello